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You exercise your body and look and feel great – why not the muscles of your face? Patricia Goroway has perfected an easy and effective way to refresh and rejuvenate the face naturally, in just minutes a day and without costly, risky surgery. Her regimen of simple exercises and massages targets specific muscles in order to tone, shape, and refine your features.

Isolates problem areas like frown lines, puffy eyes, crow’s-feet, double chin and more.
Improves the complexion and relaxes the facial expression
Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
Thins and defines nose
Alleviates symptoms of Bell’s palsy and TMJ disorder
The Facial Fitness program is easy to learn: just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on the DVD or in the book. Facial Fitness is also filled with advice on everything from how to choose face-friendly cosmetics and skin-care products to tips of good nutrition. And the results are remarkable: healthy, fresh-looking skin and a more youthful appearances.

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This is the best facial exercise book and cd available.
by sumjoy
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July 18, 2009: I bought this book on the clearance shelf after I had pent close to $50 for Carole Maggio’s “Facercise”. This book/dvd set is much better and cost a lot less. There are diagrams of the facial muscles with instructions for exercises and massages in the book and on the DVD. The DVD is a must-watch in order to perform the exercises properly. I have been doing the exercises at least daily since the end of May and definitely see results.

by Anonymous
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April 07, 2009: I think it is a great idea to include your face too! People are so into exercising their bodies..below the neckline. They forget about their face.I enjoyed this purchase.

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Hi Patricia,

I have some pretty strong vertical lines in between my eyebrows and
tend to get some vertical lines above my lips — do you really think
these will go away with the exercises? And, if so, how long before I
see improvement. The other area of concern is my neck. I’m 48 and in
good shape, but I have had a wrinkly neck for quite awhile and it
makes me look much older. Do you think these exercises could take
care of this as well?

Thanks so much.

Kim Walsh

Dear Kim,

With regular practice of the exercises you should start to see results within just a week. It sounds like your lines are from stress expressions, so you need to learn to relax your facial muscles. You can accomplish this by becoming familiar with the particular muscles you are over using and concentrate on relaxing your face during the day. Do the facial massage techniques several times a day and be mindful of the expressions you are making when you can. If you work at a desk, set up a small mirror and try to notice when you are making these expressions and relax your face. Start by relaxing your forehead, then your eyes, then you mouth, releasing your tongue and taking deep steady breaths. Good luck and stick with it. I’m looking forward to doing the exercises. 

Regarding the neck, it is very possible to tighten the muscles of the neck with exercise, however, depending on the severity of the sagging, you may not get the full results you would like because of the loose skin. Set your goals to be realistic with the exercises and you will begin to see some improvement very soon.

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Now available to those in the health care and related fields who want to intergrate this program into their rehabilitation protocol for the treatment of TMJ, Bell’s palsy, and facial and neck sprain strain injuries. www.facialfitnesssystems.com

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