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Dear Patricia,

I bought your book on sale at Barnes and Noble, mainly because over the
past few years (at 61) I?ve been trying to do anything I can to help my
face not droop and sag. So I?ve had experience with several different face
exercise books, the face flex that QVC.com sells, and the latest is the
electronic muscle stimulator that Suzanne Summers sells on HSN.com.

Today, for the first time, I tried the exercises in your book. I wasn?t
expecting much. All the things I?ve tried have each helped a little?my
face and neck are not as bad as they were?but nothing has been ?it.?
(Although I just started the muscle stimulator program and think it does
work well and I plan to keep doing it.)

I have to tell you that I think your book and DVD are just great! First of
all, I can tell from everything I?ve done that your exercises really are
stimulating the muscles. I fell the pull and also a little bit of ?the
burn? and know the muscles really are being worked. Second, I can see that
I?m not causing more wrinkles, which is what I have wondered about with the
face flex and with all the other exercise books I?ve used.

Third, I think your illustrations are fabulous. It is so helpful to see
which muscle should be working so you can change what you?re doing to make
that happen. I love the way you show the isolated muscles with each of the
exercises. Plus your DVD of your doing the exercises is wonderful to teach
the first how to.

I could not be more pleased with your product and really excited about
doing the exercises everyday and seeing what happens. Really, I would be
happy if I could just stay even and not have more deterioration!

I buy many things from QVC and I plan to write them and suggest that they
include your book in their inventory. I think many people are both QVC and
HSN are actively looking for things that work. If you read the reviews of
Suzanne?s product (HSN) and of the face flex product (QVC) you will see
what I mean. If I were you, I would contact QVC (or HSN if you like them
better) and see if you couldn?t get your product on their inventory.

I?m not sure how you can follow up your book with something wonderful, but
if you can, go for it! You did the best job I?ve seen on your product.

Thank you so much! Thank you!



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Natural Face Lift Exercise

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Exercising the muscles in the face is an alternative to invasive face lifts. A variety of exercises stretch, strengthen and increase blood flow to the face. Referred to by some as “yoga for the face,” the exercises are beneficial in helping a person keep a youthful appearance. Benefits include decreasing wrinkles and sagging skin. Practice exercises in front of a mirror one to two times a day. According to Patricia Goroway, author of “Facial Fitness,” consistency is the key to seeing long-term results.

Step 1

Using both hands, pull the top of the forehead’s skin up. At the same time, use the eyebrows muscles to add resistance by using the muscles to push down. Hold for ten seconds and repeat three times. The stretch reduces horizontal lines and wrinkles on the forehead.

Step 2

Push the tip of the nose down. Exhale out of the nose, allowing the nostrils to flare. Hold for ten seconds and repeat three times. The exercise keeps the nose slim and long.

Step 3

Look upward, jutting out the bottom jaw. Keep back steady and straight. The neck should feel tight. Exhale slowly. Hold for ten seconds and repeat three times.

Step 4

Smile with mouth slightly open. Place finger above the lip’s cleft, between the nose and the mouth. Hold smile for 10 seconds. Repeat three times.

Step 5

Hold lips in a straight line and push down on each other. Hold for ten seconds and repeat three times. The exercise lifts the muscles near the corner of the mouth and cheeks.

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Perhaps, and you need to start reading the lables to know for sure. Of course, we need to be as concerned about what goes on our skin as we are about what goes into our bodies. Every substance that comes in contact with your skin that can be absorbed-and most can-reaches your internal organs in about twenty-six seconds. It is not just for the sake of your skin that you wash off potenially hazardous materials and liquids as soon as possible. It is because they are being absorbed deep within the body almost instantly.

Now think about what is in your cosmetics and skin-care products. Don’t really know? Well, you need to. Many of the large cosmetic and personal care product companies use synthetic or petro-chemicals ingredients in their skin-care products. Mineral oil, a by-product of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil, is one such ingredient, and is commonly used in lotions and baby oil.  Minerol oil and other petroleum-derived ingredients form a seal on the skin that traps moisture in but clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing and eliminating toxins. Mineral oil can also be harmful if ingested or inhaled, making it an especially hazardous choice for use on babies. Because of these dangers, the medical community has condemned the use of mineral oil taken orally or as an ingredient in medications. However, it is still available in many cosmetics and personal-care products, so let the buyer beware.

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