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by Patricia Goroway

Massage has been practiced for centuries and is considered among the oldest forms of healing. With regular facial massage you can have firmer, smoother skin by increasing the skin’s temperature, which causes the skin to release toxins and impurities that cleansers alone cannot reach. Beneath the skin’s surface, massage enhances the action of the lymphatic system by moving bacteria and waste away from the skin cells so these toxins can be eliminated. Facial massage also strengthens and tones the facial muscles, and prevents wrinkling and sagging. Massage of the face and neck increases circulation by maximizing cellular turnover and brings nutrients to the skin’s surface to give you a more radiant appearance. It is also very effective in helping to relieve stress. When you feel stressed, the muscles of your face contract. This often results in headaches, jaw pain, and even neck pain, and can cause deep wrinkling. Massage relaxes the muscles, releases tention, and helps to revive the spirit. Visit http://www.facialfitnesssystems.com for more information on The Facial Fitness massage techniques and to earn your certification.


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