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“Dynamic Tension” is the name Charles Atlas gave to the system of exercises that he first popularized in the 1920s.

Dynamic Tension is a self-resistance exercise method which pits muscle against muscle. The practitioner tenses the muscles of given body part and then moves the body part against the tension as if a heavy weight was being lifted. However, Dynamic Tension exercises are not merely isometrics, since they call for movement. Instead, the method comprises a combination of exercises in three disciplines: isotonic, isokinetic, and some exercises in the isometric discipline.

Proponents assert that it is nearly impossible to be injured during exercise using this method because one’s own muscles provide the force and, as they tire, so the force used also decreases. Likewise, the benefits can continue beyond the more traditional exercise methods because as the practitioner grows stronger, the exercise becomes more intense.

This is the premise on which theĀ Facial Fitness Systems’ exercise program is based. In just days, you will be able to see theĀ results of this phenomenon right before your newly lifted eyes. “Because the muscles of the face and neck are smaller than most in other parts of the body, they respond more quickly to exercise.” says the founder of Facial Fitness Systems, Inc., Patricia Goroway.


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